The Web3 Development Platform
"The essential APIs, SDKs and tools to build and scale your application with ease without high technical skills or experience."


The Complete Developer Platform: Everything you need to build your Web3 application instantly with lowest possible code.
  • Web3 APIs - The building blocks to create anything you can imagine. Go past the node API & enable new capabilities for your product.
  • Alchemy SDKs - Simplify your code, build faster. Advanced components out of the box for free.
  • Supernode - The industry leading Web3 engine to build and scale your dApp on the most powerful development platform.

Invest in innovation - Alchemy's APIs can power any Web3 vertical, from NFTs to decentralized finance, gaming to infrastructure. Save thousands of hours of development time, to reinvest in innovation and excellent user experiences.

Enterprise-grade security - Built to meet your security standards. Single Sign On and Key Management Service to authenticate and protect your team, Transport Layer Security to keep your requests private, and partnerships with SOC II certified cloud providers.

Scale with demand - Elastic systems ensure infinite scalability; the same infrastructure has enabled teams like OpenSea and 0x to grow from start ups to multi-billion dollar businesses.

Build blockchain magic with Alchemy

Alchemy combines the most powerful web3 developer products and tools with resources, community and legendary support.

Empower your enterprise to join the Web3 revolution

Secure, resilient, and innovative. We can be your trusted partner to move seamlessly from Web2 to Web3 from ideation to development to deployment.

Joint workshop to build your use case
We will facilitate a joint workshop where we can present ideas for your business, discuss potential use cases, and jointly develop a plan to leverage the power of Web3 using Alchemy tools.
Training and capacity building
Everything starts with learning, and the new world of Web3 can be confusing, and our training will help you navigate the nuances of the decentralized world and potential opportunities and uncover potential opportunities to modernize your business. 


General information on how to engage with us.

We work on 3 models:
1) Milestone based – We get paid based on milestone-based achievement.
2) Outcome Based – We invest along with you and get paid based on the agreed results.
3) Time & Material – We bill based on number of hours we worked for you.

First, we don’t access your data. If we must access the data for some reason, we don’t take it out of your premise or cloud instance. We fully follow GDPR guidelines on privacy.

We have three delivery locations i.e., India, Kenya, and UAE; plus we work on a hybrid cloud plan for fallback in case of any eventualities.

Both. Majority of our resources are based out of India and Kenya. We also have resources who work out of our customer premises in USA, Middle East and Africa.

India, Middle East, Africa, USA, and Asia.

If it’s T&M, we charge anywhere between $20 to $40 based on skill and experience for offshore delivery. Onsite rates depend on the type of country. If it’s Milestone or Outcome based, we decide based on the scope and risk involved.