EFFORT is a no-code product
"Easy-to-use DIY technology to build industry-specific mobility solutions
and streamline digital transformation"


Spoors is a cloud-based data and workflow management platform that makes it super easy to build your mobility solutions yourself.
  • Form & Workflow Builder - EFFORT offers a simple and intuitive visual form and workflow designer for efficient customization of forms and workflows according to your business needs.

  • Third Party Integrations - EFFORT seamlessly integrates with a wide range of third-party applications, allowing you to streamline your workflows and optimize your business processes.

  • Reporting & Analytics  - The process of reporting and analyzing data is crucial for gaining insights into workflow performance, identifying areas for improvement, and making data-driven decisions.

EFFORT's Marketplace - Provides flexibility in workflow design by offering a range of templates to choose from or allowing the creation of custom workflows that cater to the unique needs of each department, ensuring efficient and optimized operations.

DIY App Builder - Enable your teams to create their own workflows with a user-friendly platform designed specifically for people with no prior coding experience, enabling them to build and automate business processes with ease, improve their operational efficiency, and achieve business objectives.

No-Code BPM Software - EFFORT is a BPM software with no-code, easy-to-use, and DIY SaaS platform. With its drag-and-drop interface, businesses can create, automate, and optimize processes without coding with pre-built templates, automation capabilities, and real-time visibility.

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Bring all your workflows under one roof with EFFORT

Comprehensive solution for managing all business workflows, with a user-friendly interface and advanced features that streamline work processes, increase productivity, and enhance collaboration.

Let's solve the challenge together with EFFORT

Share your challenge with us and we will showcase how EFFORT can enhance the effectiveness of your field operations by using no-code AI powered do-it-yourself automated platform.

Try before you buy
We offer you a 14 day trial to completely test the platform and its features in real time with real activities and data. You can then decide based on how it helped streamline your business operations.
Let's build a use case together
If you haven't found a template for a particular business case in our EFFORT marketplace, we can jointly design, develop, and deploy the use case. We will happy to give credits for your idea. 


General information on how to engage with us.

We work on 3 models:
1) Milestone based – We get paid based on milestone-based achievement.
2) Outcome Based – We invest along with you and get paid based on the agreed results.
3) Time & Material – We bill based on number of hours we worked for you.

First, we don’t access your data. If we must access the data for some reason, we don’t take it out of your premise or cloud instance. We fully follow GDPR guidelines on privacy.

We have three delivery locations i.e., India, Kenya, and UAE; plus we work on a hybrid cloud plan for fallback in case of any eventualities.

Both. Majority of our resources are based out of India and Kenya. We also have resources who work out of our customer premises in USA, Middle East and Africa.

India, Middle East, Africa, USA, and Asia.

If it’s T&M, we charge anywhere between $20 to $40 based on skill and experience for offshore delivery. Onsite rates depend on the type of country. If it’s Milestone or Outcome based, we decide based on the scope and risk involved.